The Inescapable Spiti Valley: Capture Beautiful Moments

Oct 16, 2023 By Juliana Daniel

Known as the "Little Tibet," Spiti Valley is a popular desert mountain valley and is undoubtedly a heaven on Earth. This gorgeous gem has many surprises for every kind of holiday, whether you're going with your family or for your special honeymoon.

So, are you looking for some great and thrilling things to do in Spiti Valley for a wonderful experience? Well, in this article, we will shed light on the top-notch activities to do in this valley that will remain the ultimate treasured memory in your soft heart.

There, you can even relish nature's scenic vistas that'll leave you mesmerized and awe-inspired. Boasting a rich culture with a blend of Tibetan and Indian culture, its breathtaking beauty attracts many adventure lovers from all across the world.

If you don't believe that paradise exists on Earth, you should definitely discover the enthralling and surreal Spiti Valley in Himachal. Let's explore the inescapable Spiti, Himachal Pradesh!

7 Best Things To Do In Spiti Valley

This sprawling and rugged cold desert is super rough yet entirely stunning and beautiful. Surrounded by gorges and ravines, the picture postcard enchantress of Spiti and its famous attractions will eventually make your jaw drop in wonder and amusement.

Snow-laden mountains, marvelous lakes, snow-laden mountains, and picturesque hamlets — all make this place worth visiting.

No more talk; let's delve into the comprehensive list of the best things you can do in this wonderful valley to boost your spirits and refresh your soul.

Visit The Mummy At Giu Village

This is a small village that is located between the towns of Tabo and Sumdo and is one of the best places to visit in Dharamshala for couples. The best part is that it can be easily reached through the steep that is 8km above the road. It has a shrine with a peculiar dead body, which is astonishingly more than 500 years old. People come here from far away areas to see this mummy. A legend even says that this mummy is a Lama, which actually makes it a more mysterious experience.

Try Our River Rafting

River rafting is a must for adventure seekers in Spiti Valley. This experience will be unforgettable with the hilltop monasteries, picturesque views, and snowy mountains. You can even feel the absolute thrill when you bask in the tranquility in the center of the mountains during this sport. Believe me; it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you!

Shop Your Heart Out At The Market of Kaza

There's no point in visiting Spiti Valley if you're not willing to shop a lot here. Never miss out on doing some shopping there to add thrill to your overall experience. Whenever you find yourself in this spot, especially in the month of March, Kaza's market emerges as a great must-visit place, and obviously, shopping becomes the first priority. There, you will also encounter many traditional items, from Buddhist to Tibetan handicrafts, that depict the cultural richness of this area.

Do Fossil Hunting

Do you wish to get the ultimate beautiful vibes of being a special archaeologist, such as Indiana Jones? Well, then, the Lagza and Hikkim hamlets form the ideal setting for your unique desire. These villages have been surprisingly noted for being superabundant in different fossil belongings to the eras. And it's believed that travelers come across a minimum of one intriguing fossil in almost 10 minutes over there.

Eat at the World's Best Ever Restaurant

The organic kitchen of Spiti Valley will fascinate you a lot. Lying in the center of monasteries of a small Komick village is the highest restaurant in the world, named Spiti's Organic Kitchen. The cherry on top, you can relish views of snow-capped mountains at this spot, sparkling with the bright, shining sun, as well as cold breezes in the air; this hotel provides super delicious local cuisine. Despite a very limited menu, tourists can discover all Tibetan dishes and cold refreshing beverages perfectly served in a nice environment.

Experience The Views of the Lake At Chandratal

At Chandratal, there's a beautiful lake that is in a nice crescent shape. Situated at around 4300 meters in the Himalaya's lap, it is amongst the famous things to see in this valley and is also considered one of the top-notch places to visit near Dharamshala and Mcleodganj. What makes it truly unique from other spots is that this site is used for camping due to its incredible, stunning views all over. This way, tourists will know where they will stay in the night.

Admire The Flora & Fauna At Pin Valley Park

This park is home to numerous fauna and flora, including Himalayan snow cocks, Siberian ibex, snow partridges, Tibetan gazelle, snow leopards, and much more. All in all, from wildlife spotting to admiring the natural beauty, there's so much to do at this one of the perfect places to visit in Mcleodganj. So, think a hundred times before you decide to lose this golden opportunity of going there.


No matter which of the above-mentioned activities you do to explore the inescapable Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, you'll definitely have a unique experience. Especially if you are traveling from Manali side to Spiti, you can have a fascinating camping experience when you go through the Batal to Losar.

These roads will absolutely be your true partner in your journey and won't disappoint you at all. And yes, you can explore splendid campsites there that are very spacious and provide out-of-the-box services on the go. Also you can also set up your camps and count the beautiful flowing starts in the night.

Besides, there's also a great chance of relishing road trips and biking. In a nutshell, the serene and solitude ambiance of this place will give you an escape from the hectic city life and the daily hassles.

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