Don’t Miss Out On These Top Attractions in London During Your Visit

Oct 16, 2023 By Sean William

A trip to London, the city of lights, will undoubtedly refresh your soul and mind. From the historic London tower to the innovative London Eye, you shouldn’t miss out on the top attractions in this place for a pleasing traveling experience.

The best part is that numerous landmarks here are completely free to visit. Get up close with the enchanting underwater creatures at its sea life and discover London’s interactive technology and science hub as well as the Science museum.

All in all, it is the home to a really diverse culture that plays out in the public squares of the city, performing arts, and markets. In addition, there are many public parks where you will be able to see tourists from various countries.

Are you eager to explore the top places to visit in London, tourist places & top attractions? Let’s dig in!

1. St. James’ Park – The Royal Park

Without any shadow of a doubt, London will not be the same without the ST. James’ Park is one of the most popular royal parks. And it’s up to you if you want to roam around or lose yourself in the ultimate beauty of the flower beds in this heart-soothing garden. In addition, Pelicans have inhabited this Park for 400 years, and it is incredibly surrounded by a lot of essential landmarks and is surely worth a visit. If you are looking for places to go in London with friends, this can be the best bet.

2. River Thames

Another great attraction on our list is the River Thames, which is also known as Tamesis or Tamesa. It is basically the main and central river of England and is popular for its virgin beauty and serene atmosphere. As a matter of fact, this also acts as an integral part of the tourism and economy of London and benefits this city in many ways. Overall, this river is perfect for bookworms, adventure junkies, and history buffs who love to explore London at their pace.

3. Tower of London

Must take a tour around the London tower with one of the most thrilling Yeoman Warders, as it’s counted among the world’s most popular buildings. Explore its history of 900 years as a royal place and place of arsenal, zoo, jewel house, and execution! When you go there, you can gaze up at the awesome White Tower, marvel at the enchanting Crown Jewels, and tiptoe through the king’s bedchamber. No doubt, discovering its surroundings will certainly satisfy your soul and offer you an exhilarating experience.

4. Piccadilly Circus

Our list cannot be complete without mentioning the Piccadilly Circus. With huge flashing advertisements and a square filled with lights, this place is instantly recognizable. The Times Square of London has long been a highlighted part of this city. It’s home to plenty of theaters and nightclubs, none more famous than the Criterion Theatre. Especially for locals, the Eros Statue is a nice meeting spot within this circus that also provides convenient access to Trocadero Houses, museums, and boutique shops.

5. Buckingham Palace

Built in 1837, Buckingham Palace has been the top-notch residence of the royal families since Victoria Queen came into power. You can take many tours of this incredible place, and I’m pretty sure that you won’t get bored any single time seeing the Changing of the Guard. Yes, that’s right! This entirely free display of marching is actually tuned to music & is an ultimate treat to the eyes. This is one of the perfect best places to visit in London for couples.

6. Hampton Court Palace

One of the most loved sites in London, the Hampton Court Palace, dates back to the time of Henry VIII and is the spot where Elizabeth I actually got to know how the Spanish Armada was defeated. Plus, this palace is home to an astronomical clock that has super fascinating details that shouldn’t be missed. So, why would anyone miss out on the chance to go to this enchanting place?

7. Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is the most crucial UNESCO World Heritage Site that plays host to different special ceremonies involving royal weddings and coronations. Marvel at the wonderful architecture, visit the resting places of queens and kings, and explore the corners of poets where some of the most well-known writers of the UK, like Jane Austen and Willian Shakespeare, are buried.

8. ZSL London Zoo

One of the most ancient scientific zoos, ZSL London Zoo, was intended to be utilized as a collection for research and scientific study. This zoo features aquatic creatures and wildlife and also boasts of housing a multitude of animals with more than 750 distinct species. And you can say that this is a haven for many endangered species & offers an all-inclusive environment for animals.

9. Big Ben

An attractive legendary monument, Big Ben, comes first in the mind when the tourists think about visiting London. This tower of 97 meters houses a big clock, which is known as the BBS radio’s time signal all across the world. Moreover, it is the biggest place that is present in the globe and makes everyone amazed and surprised at first sight.

10. London Eye

Last but not least, London Eye is perhaps one of the most iconic and awe-inspiring Ferris wheels in the world. This was established to mark the high-end millennium celebrations in 2000 in London, and since day 1, it has been the foremost attraction of this place. Plus, the glass capsules on this Ferris wheel fascinatingly rise up to 445 ft above the Thames. As a result, it offers impressive and splendid views of London on the go.


In a nutshell, London is one of the most mesmerizing cities in London. Modern architectural marvels, such as Shared line laneways with high-end shops, award-winning theaters, and historical monuments, grab the attention of many visitors and make a special corner in their hearts.

With so many captivating things to do and impressive places to visit in central London, it’s no surprise that this city is explored by more than 20 million tourists every year. Amazing, isn’t it?

So, which of the above-mentioned attractions are you going to explore this year?

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