Why You Should Visit Shilhaandara Resort, Bangalore in 2023

Oct 16, 2023 By Sean William

Shilhaandara represents amazing outdoor activities where time moves at its pace. Architecture, opulence, and unlimited access to the natural environment highly confluence together for different adventure-seekers and travellers who're looking to escape from the monotone life.

This resort welcomes thrill-seekers with open arms and offers a retreat for new couples. This retreat is arranged at the Ramangara rocks' lower region, encompassed by the fantastic bountiful vegetation. All this makes it an ideal destination for experienced darlings and nature lovers.

Are you eager to explore more about Shilhaanara Resort, Bangalore? Let's dig in!

Things To Know Before Visiting Shilhaandara Resort Bengaluru

Weekdays & Weekend Prices

Shilhaandara Resort Bangalore's price of the package or ticket prices differ depending on the weekends or weekdays. On weekends, it is higher compared to the weekdays. Friday, Saturday, & sunday are usually very expensive. All festival days and government holidays are also priced as weekend packages. So, you can decide on going there accordingly, depending on the budget and the amount of money you are willing to spend.

Kids Age Limit & Pricing Criteria

You don't need to buy separate tickets for kids under 6. They can enjoy a few free games and activities at the resort. Remember that kids of 6, 10, and 12 years will be required to buy the specific Kids ticket, and the ones above 13 are usually considered adults. So, you'll have to buy adult tickets only.

Adventure Activities You Can Expect

At this resort, you can expect different thrilling activities for all age groups. A day filled with thrill and adventure awaits you, with various activities for different mindsets, including Quad Bike and Zipline.

Indoor games like Chess, Dart, Table Tennis, and many others are also available for additional thrill and excitement. But wait—there's more! You can even enjoy many open-air games, such as cycling, Kite flying, back-and-forth, cricket, Bow and Arrow, and beach volleyball. All in all, you won't be short on adventurous activities once you visit this awe-inspiring and all-inclusive Shilhaandara resort.

Applicable Taxes At Shilhaandara Resort Bengaluru

Generally, the taxes are widely applied on day-out package tickets, room accommodations, chargeable activities, and services at Shilhaandara Resort. This includes services like the spa, Fish Spa, beverages, and more. It's important to review the specific tax rates for each service and ticket category. Opting for an all-inclusive Shilhaandara resort day-out package price is often more cost-effective than buying tickets and services individually.

Mist Dance With DJ Or Rain Dance

The Mist Dance With DJ, often referred to as Rain Dance, is a 2-hour experience. It takes place in an enclosed cave with dynamic lighting systems that rival those in pubs. Picture yourself dancing to DJ music in a cave with intermittent rain and dazzling lighting effects. If you're considering this activity during quieter times, it's best to check with the management for availability. However, on weekends and during peak periods, you can be assured that this fantastic activity will be on offer.

Discounts & deals at Shilhaandara Resort

Shilhaandara offers discounts exclusively when bookings are made through their sales office, which is operated by Rashi Eco Tourism. This office is situated on Kanakapura Main Road at Kaggalipura. Amd for bulk bookings related to Shilhaandara and Guhantara, Rashi Eco Tourism handles all arrangements. Note that the discounts through third-party or broker sales may involve additional procedures, and the management has the right to cancel such discounts.

Night Camping At Shilhaandara Resort

The option of night camping is available only for those who usually book their accommodations at this resort or take a dinner package at suitable Shilhaandara resort Bangalore timings. One has to get proper permission from their management for special events or private bonfires. Moreover, people who have already booked their accommodation can also extend their camping up to midnight.

Locker Facilities

Because there are different activities for every group, people carry personal belongings and dresses. For those who book vast rooms, there are also digital lockers present for additional safety.

For people who are here for just day outings, separate lockers are also available so they can store their things. The deposit for the security of 100 rupees can be refunded upon handing over the keys to the lockers.

Food Options Available

There are unlimited breakfast, lunch, and dinner options at Shilhaandara Resort, Bangalore. The best part is that the food is really good and yummy at this resort, and you can find meals of your choice anytime, as it has so much variety for all food lovers.

Drinks and mineral water are also listed on their menu card. Plus, there are also welcome drinks, sweets, and ice creams that are included in the luxury buffet.

During lunch, a buffet is spread out, which has every Indian food a person can imagine. Roti, Biriyani, Chicken, Mutton, Paneer, Nan, and whatnot — it serves the guests with everything they want. You just name the dish you want and just see the magic happening.

And how can we skip talking about their heavenly taste? Believe me, the platters they offer will be more appealing than how they appear to be in real. So, wherever you plan to visit this resort, be ready to have a wonderful experience, especially when it comes to food.


Silhaandara Resort always has something for everyone, from eye-catching mountains to food and exercises like paintball, rope course, zorbing, and swimming. However, try visiting Shilhaandra Resort, Bangalore, during weekdays as it's super crowded on weekends. Also, you will be able to avail yourself of cheap packages for affordable stays during weekdays. All in all, a Shilhaandara resort Bangalore day out will leave a permanent mark in your heart for your entire life!

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